The OM collective is MOVING! 

It’s been a long few months my friends! Near the beginning of this year we found out weOM were going to lose our lease at 3350 Lyndale, Bull Run Coffee is expanding into our space as of May 1st.

This was not planned for us, and surprising to say the least.  Yet with change comes opportunities for both growth and expansion.  The opportunity to open our hearts bigger and dig deeper into our commitments to teaching and YOU our community.

Over the last few months we have searched and searched for a new home, it’s been a long journey and we are so thrilled to say we are moving just 5 blocks away!

Our new address will be 515 West Lake Street, as of May 1st. It’s a funky uptowny space in a beige unassuming building.  Yes! we will be neighbors to Fujiya and Dulono’s Pizza, and we have a parking lot!! Wahoo! 

It’s so bittersweet for us, we have been so blessed to be on the corner of 34th street (just voted best corner by City Pages!) for the last 3 1/2 years (some of us even longer). Our hearts have been touched by so many of you! We are grateful for your attendance, your trust in our teachings, and your commitment to our studio! It’s you that have brought us to where we are today!

So come May 4th we are incredibly excited to start a new chapter a mere 5 blocks away, and we can’t wait for you to join us there!  We don’t have signage yet, our brand will slowly expand into our space, so we are grateful for your patience in us refining the little details!

We have a fundraising campaign going on if you can help us purchase props, signage, marketing and putting in a wood floor, we would be so very grateful. You can click here to donate.  Thank you so much!

No Classes – April 30th-May 3rd
Sun. May 4th! the OM collective RE-OPENS at 515 West Lake Street

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