Yoga mat need a refresher? Choose your cleaning products wisely. There are all kinds of chemicals lurking in the average cleaning products you can buy at your favorite big box store. When seeking out a non-toxic yoga mat cleaner stay away from conventional cleaners. They not only have loads of chemicals, but wreak havoc on your hormone system (wether you are female or male).

Why you may ask?

The majority of the big box store cleaners have intense chemicals that can induce headaches, cause allergic reaction, and are linked not only to infertility, but also a variety of cancers, respiratory issues, birth defects, and more.   At this time 80,000 different chemicals are unregulated in our US market place. The are used in household cleaners, health and beauty products food storage, baby products and so much more.  Many of these chemicals have very similar reactions on the body, called endocrine disruption.  Endocrine disruption, is a process that happens when chemicals enter the body,  mimic hormones like estrogen in our body, confuse our system, and wreak havoc on our hormone systems causing a variety of reactions from early puberty, birth defects, reproductive problems, low sperm counts, neurological disorders, cancer, the list goes on and on.

When choosing cleaners for your yoga mat, home, car, or where ever you need them, choose cleaners that are safe and non-toxic. How do you find safe cleaners?  Think natural, and make your own.

When you make your own you know exactly what is in the cleaners.  Currently manufacturer’s of cleaning products are not required to list all of the ingredients on their products, so we have no idea what is in them.

When choosing essential oils, make sure they are pure essential oils, after years of research, I only use Young Living Essential Oils, because I know them to be pure and unadulterated.

Yoga Mat Cleaner Recipe
General Cleaning
3 drops of Tea Tree Oil
2 drops of Peppermint Oil
2 Drops of Lavender Oil or Lemon Oil
8 ounces of Distilled Water Empty Spray Bottle
Mix all items in spray bottle, lightly shake, spray mat and wipe down. 

Deeper Cleaning
1 Cup White Vinegar
3 Cups Warm Water
10-12 drops of essential oils of your choice
Empty Spray Bottle
Tea Tree and Lemon are disinfecting so these are good
options, and remember you can mix scents too!
Mix all items in Spray bottle, spray mat (do not soak), wipe down.

Summer Time Cleaning
1 hose
1 sprayer
1 Fence (or equivalent)
1 Yoga Mat
Drape mat and spray that bad boy like crazy! Leave hanging to dry. 

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