Nightshade Free Chili

I came up with this Nightshade Free Chili recipe last fall I was having food sensitivity challenges with multiple foods. The food sensitivities were getting really overwhelming, (I will share that story with you soon). One of the food sensitivity’s was to tomatoes, which is so challenging, as they are in so many dishes, like chili.

Chili is super easy to make, high in protein, and packed with fiber. It also works great for me when I am teaching all weekend and need a quick lunch. However, due to the food sensitivities, I needed to make this without tomato. So, I got to thinking, what would happen if I made it with a pumpkin base?

I did a bit of research and experimented with a few options, and settled on a pumpkin, butternut squash and beef broth base, and frankly it fools me every time, I swear there is still tomato in this chili! I made it easy by using some of these items in the can, (please always choose cans that are BPA free), and the cubed squash is frozen. You can totally use fresh for all of the vegi’s and soaked beans here if you like, I chose the cans and frozen to make it quicker for me.

2 lbs Ground beef or ground turkey
2 C Beef broth (I really like Imagine brand, as there is no sugar, gluten or crappy chemicals) or use Bone Broth
(See one of my Bone Broth recipes here)
1 can Pumpkin
1 can Butternut Squash
1 pkg Frozen Butternut Squash Cubes
1 can Garbanzo Beans (I like the brand Eden Organics, as the cans are BPA Free)
1 can Kidney Beans
3 T Chili Powder
2 tsp Turmeric
1/2 tsp Nutmeg
Salt and Pepper

*If you like things spicy feel free to add in Cayenne pepper, I usually start with 1/4 tsp at a time, until I get the temp we like.

In a dutch oven pan (a deep kettle type pan), brown the ground beef.  Add spices to the GB, and stir them around to let them heat up and open for about 1-2 minutes. Once the beef is browned, add the beef broth to the mix, stir, then add pureed pumpkin and squash and stir. Lastly add the beans and the cubed squash. Simmer for 30 mn, and serve!

The chili will thicken up overnight, so I usually keep a little extra broth on hand and add it to the pan to thin it out as needed when I am re-heating it smaller servings.

**A Gluten Heads Up…
Chili is commonly gluten free already, really the only place gluten would show up in these ingredients is potentially the broth, so double check the broth you choose if you are gluten sensitive or Celiac.

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