I have been hiding….for a while. I have a big vulnerable story I wanted to share with you… I’m thinking and hoping…maybe you can relate?

I have really been struggling in my body. I have trudged and trudged and trudged through a series of digestive issues, weight gain, and hormone imbalance. I’ve seen doctor after doctor, healers, coaches, naturopaths and had been unable to discover what the root of my issues was.
It’s a sensitive topic for me, I am have been living in a body that has not felt like mine for quite sometime. I have been experiencing digestive issues that no one could explain, and on top of that, this mysterious hormone imbalance.  I’m told maybe its the peri-menopause and menopause stage, maybe not.
Of course as a healer myself, I think, I should know what’s happening! I should be able to fix this! I wasn’t getting there though, and felt like I was exhausting all of my resources.
I kept studying though, and kept seeking, and finally stepped into a lecture one day where all the bells went off in my head. The lecture I was hearing, this was me, these were my symptoms, this is what I was experiencing. Although at the time, I was having healer fatigue. I was also really questioning my own intuition, and was questioning what I was able to take in and if I was discerning it properly. It took me almost a year to go in to see this doctor, to really see if what I thought was happening was actually it.
I was recently diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), basically the bacteria from your large intestine ends up in your small intestine, and it’s not supposed to be there. It causes a host of symptoms like; digestive issues, blood sugar imbalance, brain fog, bloating, looking six months pregnant (when you are not…great!) and even restless legs syndrome. I had all the classic signs. The great news is, I found awesome partners to help me, and I am on a 3 month pretty strict road to recovery. The coolest part right now, I have CLARITY and I see the light at the end of the tunnel getting bigger and brighter.
As I was studying my way through these digestive and hormonal issues, I learned that because my digestion was a mess, I was not metabolizing my hormones properly. This left me with hormone imbalance, super wacky cycles, brain fog, and a host of other weird symptoms that were overlapping into my SIBO symptoms. 
One of the big AHA moments through my education was that I was essentially estrogen dominant, in part because my digestion was unable to process my hormones in an effective way. Yikes!  I was estrogen dominant! High estrogen was not my only issue either, I was low on progesterone, and high on cortisol too, all which exacerbate the high estrogen cycle. Most of us probably know, high estrogen can lead to BIG health issues, I wanted to get this under control!
I have been stuck in my head for a really long time, really long. I haven’t really wanted to pour out what was going on with me, as it was just so confusing, I didn’t even understand it myself.
Then, I started thinking about you, and your life, and how your hormone balance is? You see, even when I went on my “tour of doctors” (kind of like the Tour de’ France, probably equally as grueling), my testing was saying my hormones were fine, and in balance. Can you believe it? One of my doctors told me my hormones were normal! My intuition knew otherwise though, this was not true. I still had a host of crazy symptoms! I also knew that if my digestion was not working properly, neither were my hormones.
If I only new this in my teens, 20’s or even 30’s!!! That I could regularly affect my hormone balance through my digestion, as well as my lifestyle choices, even with how I ate! Amazing!!!
So, I did what I always do. I took my life experience, and made it into a class…. and I am really challenging myself not to hide anymore (its a work in process). I created an online class (holy crap!). Because when you want to step out of the darkness back into the light, what better way to do it, then do it big and online!
SO… YOU ARE INVITED to join me for my inaugural run of “Happy Well Hormones”. I wanted to do this with YOU, my kind and gentle community, where I would feel safe as I put myself out there, in video, and online! 
This inaugural version is a 4 week live workshop, and I would love to see you there. Come help me take my work to that next step and help me learn how to take my  technology to that next step!
Thank you for taking the time with my big vulnerable share, it means so much to me!
You are in my heart!
Lots of love, Jen
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