Happy Well Hormones

Can you relate?

breast tenderness • irregular cycles • painful cycles • sleep interruption • bloating • cramps • spotting • night sweats • brain fog • headaches • short cycles • long cycles• no cycles • missed ovulation • no ovulation • PMS • belly fat • hard to loose weight • migraines • fatigue • constipation • diarrhea • impaired memory • anxious • depressed • low sex drive • painful sex • trouble conceiving • UTI’s • urinary urgency • 
urinary frequency • hair loss • 
thinning eyebrows • cold sensitivity •
joint pain • 
miscarriage • acne • vaginal dryness • insulin resistance • melasma

Did you know the above symptoms can be linked to hormone imbalance?

You have been taught to make peace with symptoms like this. You have been taught these symptoms are normal.

I want you to know, these symptoms are not normal, they are common. So common our culture has normalized them, and told you, you just need to deal with them. This isn’t true. 

Hormones are still a mystery in our culture, and often very misunderstood.  Let’s bring hormone clarity to your life. 

You can eliminate these symptoms and live a life with hormones harmoniously in balance. 

Let’s make healing you, your priority.


Let’s work one on one.


As your healer and guide I’ll provide support and direction as we set goals to balance your hormones, and help you shed your frustrating symptoms. I’ll help you navigate the world of contradictory advice, and help you determine what changes are best for your body and your symptoms. My programs are tailored specifically to you, and your needs. 

Together, we’ll explore your concerns and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.


What does hormone balance feel like?

Vibrant, well rested, light, clear thinking, energetic, strong, confident, resilient, organized, 

Balanced moods, balanced cycles, pain free cycles, easeful digestion, 


Who is my Happy Well Hormone Coaching program for? 

Any woman, at any age, experiencing hormone imbalance. 

Where do I start?

Step 1…

Sign up for a Free 20 minute “Let’s Meet” Session.  Let’s connect. I would love to hear your story, your challenges, and what you want the most help with. 

Next, Step 2 …

Sign Up for a New Client Session

Join me for a 75 minute “ New Client Session”, and let’s dig deep into the issues causing frustration, holding you back from vibrancy and keeping you stuck.

If you are ready to fully and completely put yourself first, and commit to getting into the flow of wellness and balance. Let’s begin. 

You and I will discuss your health, past and present. I will do a lot of listening, and you can walk me through your health journey so far. 

We’ll set attainable goals. I will share options and recommendations on how you can get there.  I will also share how you and I can work together.

Step 3 …
Join my Happy Well Hormones Coaching

Here’s a sneak peek into my Happy Well Hormones Coaching Program:

  • 8 Zoom Sessions (2x per month)
  • A digestive healing and microbiome building plan 
  • Easy and healthy recipes
  • Meal plans
  • My non-toxic living check list, and proven product recommendations
  • Small amounts of mindful homework to help you balance hormones and feel energized
  • Email support to keep you feeling connected and supported

In our partnership you will:

  • Heal your digestion (the first step of hormone balancing)
  • Discover food sensitivities
  • Balance your blood sugar
  • Eat to balance your hormones
  • Balance your cycles
  • Feel rested and energized
  • Get rid of sugar cravings
  • Shed those crazy hormone imbalance symptoms
  • Learn new tools to create a lifetime of balance

Ready to begin my Happy Well Hormones Coaching program? Schedule your New Client Session, and we’ll jump into healing.

©2018 Jennifer Colletti