Gluten Free Turkey Wild Rice Soup

This recipe for Gluten Free Turkey Wild Rice Soup is the perfect recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers. I usually make this when the mashed potatoes, gravy and other sides have run out. I have an almond sensitivity so I use flax milk, and it blends in perfectly. Gluten Free Turkey Wild Rice Soup 8 T butter or ghee – separated 1 large onion chopped 2 1/2 C chopped turkey 3 C cooked wild rice 1 C grated carrots or sliced into matchsticks 1 C gluten free flour (I like the Cooqi flour for this recipe) 2 C Milk or milk alternative (For a non-dairy version, use Flax or Almond Milk) 8 C Turkey Bone Broth or chicken stock Salt and Pepper to taste In a large stainless steel pot, saute’ onion and carrots in 3T of butter until tender. Add turkey, wild rice, salt and pepper. In a separate deep saute’ pan melt remaining butter, then slowly add flour whisking the whole time, until combined and bubbly, creating a roux. Then slowly add stock, one cup at a time whisking until fully combined and smooth. Add this mixture to the large stock pot with onion, carrots, turkey and rice. Stir to combine. Add milk and stir to combine, heat through and serve this warm yumminess!
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