Fertile Well 

Connection Hormone Love


I see you. I know the depths of this fertility roller coaster.



I’ve walked this same path.

When your fertility is out of balance, your life can feel out of balance.

Everything in the body, mind and spirit is connected…. and conception can only happen easefully, when the whole body is working in unison.  

Balancing your hormones is the first step to easeful conception. 

There is so much healing within your grasp.

There is so much YOU CAN do to optimize your fertility.


Let’s work together…


Let’s work as a team to gently yet dramatically improve your health.

Evolution vs. revolution is my mantra. Small steps over time add up to the biggest boon of healing. 

It’s time to leave quick fixes and bandaids behind. 

It’s time to step into healing in a deep and profound way.

I’ll provide you with support and direction as we set goals to:

balance your hormones…
improve your egg health…
optimize your ability to conceive… and so much more. 

I’ll help you navigate the world of contradictory advice, and help you determine what changes are best for you.

Together, we’ll explore your concerns and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of hormone balance.

If you are ready to conceive or are interested in preparing your body for future conception, my one on one Fertile Well Coaching program is the perfect place to begin. 

My one on one sessions target the root cause of your imbalances and move you into fertility vibrancy.

How Do I Start Optimizing My Fertility?


Step 1…

Sign up for a Free 20 minute “Let’s Meet” Session. 

Let’s connect. I would love to hear your fertility story, your challenges, and your most frustrating symptoms.

This is a safe space to discuss your fertility journey and all the ups and downs. 

And… I want you to know, you are not alone in this.   

Next, Step 2 …

Join the Fertile Well Coaching Program


A sneak peek into my Fertile Well Coaching partnership:

  • 12 Zoom Sessions
  • A fertility focused digestive healing plan and handouts
  • Step by step “Elimination Diet” plan and guidance
  • Fertility balancing techniques
  • My non-toxic living check list, and proven product recommendations
  • Mindful homework to help you balance hormones and feel energized
  • Email and text support to keep you feeling connected and supported
  • DUTCH Test Interpretation *(Test cost is additional)

In our partnership you will:

  • Eat to balance your hormones and fertility
  • Heal your digestion (the first step of hormone balancing)
  • Balance your blood sugar
  • Improve your egg health
  • Optimize your uterine lining health
  • Create fertility vibrancy
  • Improve your odds at conceiving

Step 3 …

Let’s test, don’t guess – DUTCH Testing


DUTCH testing, or Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones is the gold standard of hormone testing.

There are a few other options to test hormones: blood testing, saliva testing, and urine testing, but nothing compares with the clarity of DUTCH testing. 

Blood serum testing can be helpful, but think of it like a snap shot of your hormones (if it’s done on the right day).  DUTCH testing is like the movie of your hormones. Not only will it show what your levels are for estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol (and more), but it will also show how your body is using your hormones, and if your body is clearing them properly. This is KEY to hormone balance. 

I am now offering DUTCH testing, as an add on to my coaching program.

Book your package, and receive a coupon for $100 off your self-ordered DUTCH test. 

Step 4 …

You’re In!


Once we’ve decided to work together, we’ll get you scheduled for your first appointment.

I’ll send you an extensive Health History to dig deep into your symptoms.

You’ll want to set aside an uninterrupted hour to to fill this out, and really
dedicate this time to yourself. 

In our first appointment, we’ll go over this Health History in depth, and work on next steps.

You deserve to feel optimal.
You deserve balanced hormones. Let’s shift your meter in the right direction. 

©2022 Jennifer Colletti