Community, healing and empowerment are the roots of my teachings.

I’m a former Fashion Designer, turned Certified Yoga Instructor & Wellness Expert with a passion for Women’s Health; Infertility, Fertility, Prenatal, Postnatal, Babies and Families.

I am also a Certified Holistic Health Coach with the Integrative Institute of Nutrition program in NYC, as well as an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist from the Himalayan Institute, PA.

The imbalances in my fashion career lead me to yoga. Years of living in fight or flight became too much for my body, and I sought out balance and calm. This is where my yoga practice began, where it oozed out into all aspects of my life. Where I began to understand yoga was not just a pose, but a way of life.

My teachings lead from my heart and soul and follow my passion for healing. After my own long battle through infertility I awoke one day to a new vision. Taking my experience through seeking pregnancy, and my yoga teaching expertise, and melding them together for a one of a kind experience; where women gather, share, build community, learn and support one another. Where women can share all aspects of their fertility journeys in a safe environment, surrounded by love and compassion.

 This was my grounding.

Join me and dig deep into your own healing. Leave excuses behind. Stop waiting for the right moment to heal your body, mind and spirit. You can let life get in your way over and over and over again. Is it serving you? Is it serving the best you, your highest self? Open up to your change, and choose now to be your moment to step into healing. Your body’s gratitude will abound!


©2018 Jennifer Colletti