Imbalance does not have to define you.

There is hope, and… there are solutions!

Hi lovely. I'm Jen,

I've walked a long road of hormone imbalance. Mittelschmertz syndrome, debilitating PMS, endometriosis, estrogen dominance, digestive issues, Hashimoto's thyroid disorder, histamine intolerance and years of infertility.

I've been to more doctors than I can count. I know what it's like to lose hope, and to not have answers over and over again. This crazy health journey has brought me to the work that I do today.

I took back my health! Even when I was told there was nothing I could do to change it. I chose to become my own health advocate. I studied how food, lifestyle changes, nervous system balancing, and healing my digestion could change how I felt. I do what I do today, because I have stepped to the other side, and walked through the healing door.

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